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2005 National

Past National, USO, All Amer. WInners


Walkers Spotted Top IFSB No L-235


Spotted Top  was whelped in 1864 . His sire was Couchman (Couchman's sire was Gabe who was a half English hound) and his dam was AggieII. AggieII was a granddaughter of Tennesee Lead. She was sired by Broke-mouth Ben who was out of AggieI(or " old Aggie") who was out of Tennessee Lead. Spotted Top was Whelped in 1864 and was black, white and tan in color and of medium build. Spotted Top is often referred to as "Old Top" in Walkerhound history.

Spotted Top was said to have been an average dog until around midnight when he would move  to the front of the pack until the end of the race. He was also a good trail dog and a good hunter. He was an excellent Stud dog. Good mouths were a trait he put in all of his pups. The Walkers all said he never sired a sorry pup. Some of the Best hounds Spotted Top sired were Black Boston (out of Bit), Little Top (a littermate to Black Boston), Trav (out of Ben Leavell's Vic), Molly (littermate to Trav), Juney Leavell (littermate to Trav) ,  and Sookey (littermate to Trav) . Others out Spotted Top were Wade Walker's  Downey and Sock. Also there were Bragg , Joe , Ada and Ku-KLux out of Old Vic. Also there was Neil Gooch's Trim (whose dam was Ida who was out of Tennessee Lead and Old Trim). Neil Gooch's Trim was the dam of Ida II whose dam was Fannie Maupin . Fannie Maupin was the dam of the great Scott No. 7.



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