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The Stud Books


Walker Hound Registrations, Pedigrees, and Litter Enrollments are available from:::

The Standard Foxhound Stud Book SFSB
The International Foxhunters Stud Book IFSB
The Foxhound Kennel Stud Book FKSB
The American Foxhound Breeders Studbook AFBSB


The Standard Foxhound Stud Book is published by

The Hunter's Horn

C&H Publishing Inc.

Website:  http://www.americancooner.com/

114-120 East Franklin Ave.

PO Box 777

Sesser, Illinois 62884

E-mail: huntershorn@mycho

The International Foxhunters Stud Book  is published by

 The Chase Magazine

The Chase Publishing Co.

PO Box 55090

Lexington , Ky. 40555-5090

E-mail :  Chasepubl@aol.com


The Foxhound Kennel Stud Book is published by Masters of Foxhounds Association of America in Leesburgh,  Virginia


The American Foxhound Breeders Studbook  was  published by The Red Ranger in Denton,  Georgia( Last known address - out of business)

Note: The above is listed for information  purpose only. Contact the individual organization for more information.



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