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Rifler and Marth

In 1857 William Fleming, an English importer ,purchased two black, white and tan  English hounds in England and shipped them to William Jason Walker in Kentucky. One of the hounds was a male by the name of  Rifler. The other was a bitch in whelp by the name of Marth. Marth had been bred in England to a dog that is unknown.

On the same night that they arrived in Kentucky, Rifler was carried on a hunt, Marth being to heavy with pups to go. Rifler proved that he knew the ways of the Red Fox.

When Marth's English pups were born, There was one Female and four males. The Tan and white Female was crippled when she was ran over by a wagon ,  crushing one of her feet. She was named Mash Foot, and was still a good foxhound in spite of being crippled. She was a good breeder and whelped several good litters of puppies. The Four males were named Fox (belonged to Jason Walker), Bally (belonged to Durett White), Bragg (belonged toJeff  Maupin) and Troop (belonged to Jack Martin).

Marth was later bred to Tennessee Lead but she died before the pups were born.

Marth and Rifler and the five pups were the Imported stock of 1857 and are noted in Walker hound history with the Imp. preceding their names such as Imp.Rifler , Imp.Bragg Etc.. These hounds and the Ben Robinson male hound from Maryland (White Ticklerwere crossed on the old deer hounds and the hounds from Pennsylvania (Florence and Vic, both bitches) crossed on Tennessee Lead).  These  crosses made up the Early breed of Walker hounds.


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