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Billie Bristol's' life is summarized at the time of his death in a tribute by Frank Reese in 1941.

Billie Bristol By FRANK REESE

At the ripe old age of thirteen years, the mighty Billie Bristol passes on. A great hound with a strong heart, with gameness unexcelled and the determination to drive in the front line is the history of this hound inscribed in the hearts of those who followed him in the chase.

As a sire, few hounds could match his record. As a dog killer in a long, wide hard race he had no equal. He killed every good fox in a hundred miles of Statesville. He would run him all night and when the goddess would pull the curtain from the eastern horizon, Bill would get his fox. As sure as the G-Man or the Canadian Police, Bill would kill his fox.

He was by Flying Cloud out of Alberta Ruth, she by Mose Blanton, a Big Stride hound. As for Flying Cloud, his record speaks aloud. Alberta Ruth was faultless. She had type, tongue, color and could do the four classes in a remarkable way. She is my model hound and I doubt if she ever had an equal. She was good in any race on any fox and could balance any good pack of hounds. We well remember one who took his hounds to outrun Ruth but after the race remarked, "Ruth runs harder to find a fox than my hounds run him when found."

The cross on Flying Cloud and Alberta Ruth was an accident. Rose Alexander had Ruth crated to ship to another hound and Nat Taylor came into town telling of the greatness of Flying Cloud and the tag was changed and Ruth went to Wooldridge Kennels.

It would take a book to write the history of Billie Bristol and his hounds. To give an example at the N. C. Hunt in 1935. At the bench show Wag II won the Derby Dog Class. Patsy won the All-Age Bitch Class and Opposite Sex. Billie Ruff Coat won the All-Age Dog Class and Best in Show, while Wag II won the Derby field and Black Satin was fourth in the All-Age field. All were by Billie Bristol and out of different bitches. Billie Bristol bred them black, white and tan. Rose Alexander once offered $100.00 for a pup by Billie Bristol that was lemon and white.

The grand old sire is gone but he will be long remembered. He is known where the red fox runs. Many a crowd of foxhunters listening to Billie Bristol drive a red fox have stood in utter silence, hoping, trusting, even praying that only one hound could catch that fast high clear note.

As a bench hound he won at various shows, standing next, to Alleen's Big Boy and Larkspur at the Harrodsburg Show and Best Derby Dog at the Southeastern. He would have won more than he did but was too hard to get in after the cast and was still in the timber at the time of the show.

The name, Billie Bristol, (Flying Cloud-Alberta Ruth), is entitled to be inscribed high on the list with the greatest hounds of all time, with such sires as Glenn, Big Stride, Sampson and John Branham and with such running hounds as his famous mother and the select.

(From the November 1941 Chase magazine written by Frank Reese)





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