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2005 National

Past National, USO, All Amer. WInners




Whelped in 1904

Owner : John Parks

Sire: Frank  Dam: Icey

  Fitz was by Frank out of Icey, she being out of Arp and Ailsie, littermates crossed by accident. Through his sire, Fitz traces by way of Rock  and Joe Karr to a controversial  cross on the Ben Robinson stock. Fitz , won the National all age in 1907.

Icey  was born when her  sire W.S. Walker's (Arp) and dam (Ailsi) who were littermates were bred by accident.The pups were all destroyed except one who was saved and raised by a Negro farmhand named Sam. Sam raised Icey and when she was old enough to be bred , she was taken to John Parks and bred to his hound Frank. The stud fee paid to John Parks  was a male pup named Fitz who won the National in 1907.

Fitz was by Frank (x Icey)  who was by  Don who was by Rock who was by Joe Karr (x White Alice)  who was by Ed Walker (x Little Bourbon) who was by Scott No. 7 (x Emma)


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