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2005 National

Past National, USO, All Amer. WInners


1953 Texas Open Champion Mark S.

Whelped December 25,1948

by Hedges Tom Crowe ex Dinah Stride S. 

Owner and Breeder Hinkel Shillings, Center, Texas.

T&O Champion Mark S., age 23 months. This picture was taken the day he won third place General Average and first place Speed at the 1950 Texas State Hunt at Camp Tomkawa as well as Best Opposite Sex on the bench. He was still Derby but ran in the All-Age.  3 years later ,in a four day tough field trial, he would go on to win The Texas Open. At this time he was almost 5 years old and blind in one eye.  In 1956 and 1960 he won the Count of Sires.  He was bred and owned until death by Hinkel Shillings, Center, Texas. Mark S. is buried at the National Hall of Fame Cemetery for Foxhounds at Boles Field in Texas.

 Mark S. had a the reputation for passing to his offspring good booming voices. He sired many excellent hounds - some of them were - Lady Mark (1956 Texas Open), Ocmulgee Francis (1958 USO Ch), Michigan Mark, Mark Dawson, Mark Hill S., Old Shep S., Mark Crowe S.,  Gale Storm S. , Magic Mark to name a few.



The picture above is of Mark S. during his later years. Notice that he had turned almost white . Owner Hinkel Schillings is holding his tail. Click on the picture to enlarge.


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